Ronkonkoma Rotary's
Run Around The Lake

JUNE 22, 2024

Ronkonkoma Rotary's Run Around the Lake is a fundraiser to support veteran causes honoring the men and women who made great sacrifices to protect our great nation

Local Hero, Michael Murphy, was born and raised on Long Island where he served as a Town of Brookhaven lifeguard at Lake Ronkonkoma. Michael graduated from Penn State University with Honors, and instead of attending Law School, joined the Navy SEALs.

He was 29 years old in June 2005, when he perished in a fierce firefight in mountainous terrain along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border in Operation Red Wings.


He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

LT Murphy also received:
The Silver Star
Purple Heart
Combat Action Ribbon
Afghanistan Campaign Medal

Our Mission is to honor Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy and the 19 other heroes of Operation Red Wings, a special reconnaissance unit in pursuit of a high level terrorist on June 28, 2005

As a barrage of bullets flew at his open position, Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy was heard saying "Thank You" before hanging up the call to save his Navy Seal team.

Never Forget

Navy Seal Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy was posthumously awarded The Medal of Honor, The Silver Star, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal